WASHINGTON, DC:Capital Asset Replacement Scheduling System (CARSS)

Capital Asset Replacement Scheduling System

A Long-Term Asset Management and Capital Planning Tool for the District of Columbia

Case Study

In 2015, the District of Columbia began to create a comprehensive inventory of the condition and maintenance needs of its capital assets. The District is using the Capital Asset Replacement Scheduling System (CARSS) to project annual funding needs for capital renewal and replacement. The model includes horizontal infrastructure (streets and roads), vertical infrastructure, fleet and information technology, and equipment. The data from CARSS is combined with a long-range financial planning model and an optimization tool to allow the district to determine the optimal level of borrowing that fits within debt capacity limits, currently available funding, and project needs. The District’s Office of Public-Private Partnerships also reviewed each project in the pipeline to determine whether there was potential value in pursuing a P3 option for project delivery.

This diagram shows how the information in the Capital Asset Replacement Scheduling System and an optimization model provide input to the District’s Long-Range Financial Planning Model.