The Framework for Long-Term, Whole-system, Equity Based Reflection

FLOWER is a visual framework for multisolving, developed by a group called Climate Interactive, useful with groups of stakeholders considering how to invest in infrastructure or other strategies. It provides a way to diagram six common types of co-benefits: benefits to health, well-being, and safety; energy industry and mobility; food and water; jobs and assets; resilience to extreme events; and connection to the environment and human communities.

It can be helpful to make a FLOWER diagram for each strategy a group is considering and also to discuss any small changes in strategy that could deliver more co-benefits. Because the multiple benefits (and risks) of strategies don’t always fall equally on groups within a community, the process of creating a FLOWER diagram also asks practitioners to indicate the distribution of benefits, to account for environmental justice and economic equity.

The “FLOWER” tool from Climate Interactive helps groups solve for multiple objectives.