ATLANTA:The Just Growth Circle

Multi-Solving in Atlanta

The Just Growth Circle

“Atlanta is doing great with finance. A lot of businesses are coming to town. There is great progress in sustainability. But Atlanta is still ranking as one of the worst cities in the country with inequity. How can we have a progressive city without addressing this?”

—Comment prior to a series of multisolving workshops

In Atlanta, the Just Growth Circle is a collaborative convened by Partnership for Southern Equity and Climate Interactive to help make sure that green and sustainable infrastructure options, like green infrastructure for storm water management, are developed in an equitable way, guided by the needs and visions of impacted communities. Because infrastructure decisions and their impacts are so multi-sectoral the collaborative includes participants with interest and expertise in health, sustainability, conservation, water quality, economic development, and community well being. Participants include city officials, leaders from front-line communities, funders, and non-profit organization leaders.

Using multi-solving tools like FLOWER, the group has developed a set of shared values centered around equity and community self-determination and created system maps both of the co-benefits of green infrastructure and the dynamics of gentrification and displacement. Based on this foundation of relationships, shared values, and shared understanding of the underlying system, the group is committed to responding together to opportunities for more equitable development in the Atlanta Metro region.