ATLANTA:The Beltline’s Transformational Vision

Snapshot: The Atlanta Beltline

A Transformational Vision

The Atlanta Beltline project is an example of “catalytic infrastructure”—infrastructure with a bold vision that has the potential to reshape an area. The Beltline is a 22-mile loop of multi-use trails, parks, streetcars, and other urban redevelopment infrastructure, connecting and helping to transform 45 neighborhoods. The concept started with Ryan Gravel’s master’s thesis.

A few stakeholders and local politicians became champions of the idea, and the vision grew. If the project had started with the current scope and $4.3 Billion price tag, it would probably have been laughed out of every community meeting. The project grew out of a vision, and gained momentum as more and more people were brought into that vision. Now it is an integral part of Atlanta’s current and future infrastructure.

Part of the Atlanta Beltline project.